November 16, 2020

Some Good Reasons to Use Cryptocurrency, Btcoin

Bitcoin is a comparatively new version of currency which is well known in the digital coins market. Bitcoin has just started to strike the mainstream financial markets. Prominent critics state that using Bitcoins is unsafe because they have no authentic value and are not regulated. They can be used to make illegal payment methods. Still, all the major market players discuss about Bitcoin. Below are some excellent reasons why it is worth using this cryptocurrency, Bitcoin-

Quick payments: Usually, payments are made using the banking process, the transaction takes some days, and similarly, wire transfers also take time to process. On the contrary, virtual currency Bitcoin transactions are generally faster than the standard bank transactions.

Zero-confirmation transactions: These are instantaneous, where the merchant accepts the absolute risk, which is still pending from the side of the Bitcoin block-chain. In case the merchant needs approval. Then the transaction takes a few minutes. This is much quicker than any inter-banking transfer process.

Not expensive- The card transactions are instant, whether from credit or debit. Still, you are charged a fee for using this privilege of payment method, whereas in the Bitcoin payment system, the costs are usually low, and sometimes it is free.

No authority is there - Bitcoin is decentralized as there is no central authority for it in anything.

No chargeback - You cannot claim the deposits in the bitcoin price market once they are gone. Thus, it becomes very tough to commit chargeback duplicity, often experienced by people with credit cards. BETA